Enjoy the wilderness of Satpura National Park and avail night camping in a buffer zone.
These camps are usually erected near water bodies or meadows and a team of trained naturalists and camping experts accompany you. The camp offers stay in regular camps with twin cots, dry toilets and shower tents. Hot shower bags are also provided in winters.
The camping experts usually include the house keeping and kitchen team who have the expertise to offer the best services in such a remote location with restricted facilities.
The camps chef, who is definitely local, prepares mind blowing hot delicious meals, which can be relished in the jungle background.
Lanterns and flash lights in the absence of any electricity offer a sizzling background & a romantic setting.
Satpura can really be boated as the only forested walking land in Central India.
The buffer zone Jamanidev is the ideal location for a night camping.
The evening well spend with night photography, lending a hand to the chef in the local wood fired kitchen, spotting insects, scorpions, spiders, lizards and frogs.
Ensure to wake up at dawn, on the chirps of the birds with a hot tea or coffee.

Trek the landscape of the Satpura Maikal ranges as Capt. James Forsyth walked. Backed by a team, spend a few days in the wilderness in exotic locations. Click here for more details.