Satpura National Park is located in central India in the state of Madhya Pradesh. By default, due to varied topography, moderate weather conditions prevail and also experiences above average climate like rain, summer as well as winter. The summers start from March and is at its peak in may where the minimum temperature can be 25°C and maximum can go up to 42°C. The first week of July showcases the monsoon clouds and rains hit the area in mid-July. Satpura experiences average rainfall of 1400–1700 MM. The lifeline of the park and the primary source of water for the park, Denwa is abundant because of the rains but in summers, dries up extensively too. Winters arrive in November and lasts up to February and the coldest months are December and January. Satpura and its adjoining Pachmarhi experiences a minimum temperature of 1°C and max 15°C during the daytime. A clear sky, cool weather and abundant water bodies makes winter the best time to travel to Satpura National Park as well as Pachmarhi.

Satpura being situated in Central India is subjected to extreme and tropical weather. Temperature in and around Pachmarhi plateau is generally lower than the plains. Monsoon arrives in the end of June and rainfall in Pachmarhi is much higher than the rest of district. Weather at Madhai, Churna, Parsapani and Jamanidev is similar to that of the surrounding plains.