Denwa River is the lifeline river of Satpura National Park. This river originates from south-eastern part of the Hoshangabad district in Madhya Pradesh State and flows east to west direction before joining the Tawa river at south of Ranipur. At the confluence of Tawa & Denwa river, the Tawa dam has been constructed. River offers number of activities to visitors. While boating on Denwa River one can enjoy the scenic beauty of Satpura National Park with bird-watching and sighting of marsh crocodiles. In order to enter the Satpura National Park Safari nd to avail the jungle safari’s, tourists have to cross the river through speedboats. All these rivers are tributaries of the Narmada river known as lifeline of Central India. It’s an ever-green river assuring availability of water to wildlife nestling in this forest.

The primary rivers flowing in this landscape are :

Denwa, Nagdwari, Sonbhadra, Malini, Koti and Bainganga.

These rivers move further and emerge as the catchment for the Tawa reservoir, which contributes immensely to the prosperity in the regional areas of Harda and Hoshangabad due to supply of sufficient water for irrigation.

Watching the saffron sunset over Denwa River with the Pachmari Hills in the background is an enchanting experience which can be enjoyed while on a trip to Satpura National Park.