Satura National Park is renowned for the Central India Giant Squirrels, leopards as well as sloth bear, apart from tigers.

Owing to vivid and varying altitude, topography, climate and forest, the forests of Satpura and it’s adjoining areas have an excellent collection of almost all the wiidlife species found in Central India. Roughly, 52 species of mammels, 300 species of birds and 31 species of reptiles have been identified.

Satpura National Par is blssed with a luxurious mix of flora and fauna.

Tiger, leopards, Gaurs, Sambhar, Cheetal, Barking deer, Chausingha, Chinkara, Neelgai ( Blue Bull ), Wildboar, Sloth Bears and deep inside the forests, hynaes are also seen.

Smaller sized carnivores like jungle cat, palm civet and small Indian civet are also found.

Arboreal mammals like the Indian Giant Squirrel and the large brown flying squirrel can be easily located in Satpura as well as Pachmarhi.

Close to satpura, Pachmarhi is the known location for Leaf Nosed Bat ( Rhinopus Lucdus ) in Central india. Indian soft shell turtles are usually found near the rivers. Leopards are in abundance and sloth bears common.

Deers are predominant in the small meadows and periphery areas of the forests.

An ambitious project to introduce and relocate Barasingha ( Hard ground swamp deer ) from kanha is being worked on for the Bori wildlife sanctuary.

The Gaur or the Indian Bisons can be seen in the higher altitudes, specially near pachmarhi ( Dhoopgarh ).

Eurasian otters can be seldomly seen in the riverbeds.