Jungle Safari

Satpura National Park can be explored primarily on a jungle safari by gypsy with prior permission and permit.

There are 2 designated core zones & 2 buffer zones.

Core zones : Madhai & Panaarpani

  • Buffer zones : Jamani Dev & Parsapani
  • Satpura National Park has 5 notified entry points

Pachmarhi :- Located 50 kms from Pipariya which is on the Jabalpur-Itarsi rail route, Pachmarhi has over 30 viewpoints and is the highest point in terms of elevation in Madhya Pradesh. The recent opening of the Panarpaani entry gate from Pachmarhi has facilitated tourists visiting Pachmarhi to explore the core area of Satpura, the Panarpaani zone which extends & meets the Madhai zone.

Madhai :- Located in the core zone, Madhai is the centre for wildlife tourism in Satpura Tiger Reserve and is critical tiger & leopard habitat.

Churna :- It is situated in the deep core forests & is at a distance of 50 kms from the Madhai entry point. A day trip to Churna Forest Rest House is a recommended experience.

Sehra :- This beautiful buffer tourism zone is situated amid of Shohagpur to Madhai 20 km. Distance from Madhai to Sehra gate is a mere 4 km.

Pathai :- This is a buffer zone which meets the backwaters of Denwa at various places. The distance from Madhai to Pathai gate is 14 kms.

Jungle safari’s are available daily in the morning & noon. Please be advised that there are no afternoon safari on every wednesdays.

Satpura National Park is closed for tourism on Holi & Diwali.

A MP Forest Department booking counter is located at the bank of Denwa river, opposite to MPT Bison resort. However, because of the restrictions on the number of vehicles entering the park, pre booking is highly recommendable.

Jungle safari in Madhai zone ( Core )

  • Keria round
  • Lagda round
  • Zinzini Mahal round
  • Chutakidev round
  • Churna – double round ( full day tour )

Jungle safari in Jamanidev & Parsapani zone (Buffer)

  • Pathai to Parsapani – 70 kms
  • Sehra to Jamanidev – 40 kms
  • Sehra to Jamanidev and Bineka – 80 kms

To avail the safari from Madhai, one has to cross the Denwa river and board the hired gypsy from the Madhai Department office.

We arrange the speed boat ride as well as the safari in Satpura National Park.

There are no afternoon safari’s on Wednesday’s as well as on the day of Holi & Diwali.

Permits are available online as well as offline, on a current basis & subject to availability.

Permits for park safari can be booked in advance. Provisions for rescheduling and cancellation of park entry permits are available at the MP Government safari booking portal https://forest.mponline.gov.in/Index.aspx . Alternately, we can also assist you for the jungle safari’s & suggest the best zones as per recent wildlife sighting.

Note :

  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks and meat is not allowed during day trips or stays in forest rest houses, as per the orders of PCCF, Govt. of M.P. Bhopal.
  • Use of Tape, Loud music is restricted during stays in rest houses and wildlife viewing.
  • Littering (Throwing away) of plastic waste like water bottles, plastic pouches, polythene packets, eatables and other wastes is not allowed.
  • Tourist will be bound to follow the instructions of the guide, forest staff.
  • The timing for wildlife viewing, visit in park areas will be from just before sunrise to just after sunset.

Visitors are advised to wear clothes of the colors that can blend with the colors of the jungle (e.g. green, black, etc.), while avoiding any bright colors (e.g. white, orange, yellow, etc.)” Wearing strong perfumes during the safaris is also discouraged. It is also advised to wear clothes in accordance to the current weather schedule.

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