Nature Walk

Nature Walk

The walking safari gives you a bit of an adrenaline rush, when you realize your guide is only armed with a blow horn & pepper spray to ward off any bears. Be rest assured, he will also tell you that he had never had to use them.

Satpura National Park is blessed to be one of the only national parks in the country  which still allows nature walk or jungle walk in the core area of the forest.

This is an exemplary experience which is highly recommended.

At dawn, you are assisted to reach the jetty where a motorized boat hels you cross the river and drops you at a remote part of the forest. This is an isolated area deep inside the forest. The guide starts explaining the flora and fauna as you move deep inside the forest.

You never know when you can have a chance encounter with a sloth bear or a leopard or the mighty king himself, the Royal Bengal Tiger.

You are taken to a vantage point on a rocky hillock which offers spectacular view of the forest and Denwa river. The packed breakfast from resort comes handy and you can spend sometime here relishing your meal and enjoying the wilderness.

Later, you take a different route to reach the predesignated point where your boat picks you up and takes you back to the jetty in Madhai.

This activity is highly recommended by us.