About Satpura

Madhya Pradesh is said to be the epitome of wildlife in India.

Home to India’s largest & mystic forests, exotic wildlife as well as autochthonous people who have been inhibiting the forests since ancient times, the Parks of Madhya Pradesh has been a wildlife lovers paradise.

Satpura is the the jewel in the crown yet to be explored.

Satpura National Park, spread over an area of 524 km² is the core entity of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve which also embraces Bori Wildlife Sanctuary and Pachmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary – as the buffer zones. All together, the landscape is stretched over an area of 1427 km².

Historically, Bori Sanctuary, dotting the Tawa river was acknowledged as the first sanctuary leading to the official creation of the Indian Forest Department, way back in 1865.

The bio diverse Central Indian Satpuda Maikal Landscape (SML) spreads across 19 districts in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh covering a total area of 1,43,551km2. Out of this, around 40,837km2 is under forest cover, with some of the country’s most renowned tiger reserves and Protected Areas. This landscape supports approx. 20% of the total population of tigers found in India, with some of the largest immediate forested tracks connected through multiple wildlife corridors. Some of the tiger reserves critical from a conservation standpoint and a crusial tiger habitat are Kanha, Satpuda, Pench, Melghat, Tadoba and Achanakmar.

The Satpura landscape hosts multi dimensional flora & fauna. Topping the list, the Royal Bengal Tiger (Panthera Tigris), the faunal diversity is vivid showcasing the most charismatic & endangered species such as leopard (Panthera Pardus), Sloth Bear (Melursus Ursinus) and the Central Indian Giant Squirrel (Ratufa indica) apart from others.

Satpura also is a cradle for more than 300 avian resident & migratory species.

The Government is committed in connecting and interlinking the Central Indian Satpura Maikal landscape via the other tiger reserves. The newly functional corridors promises a substantial 20% enhancement in the habitat & a 75% jump in the tiger population.

Satpura Tiger Reserve also known as Satpura National Park is located conveniently in the Central Indian Satpura Maikal landscape, in the Pachmarhi plateau & was notified as a Tiger reserve as recent as 1999-2000.

A rugged & hilly terrain, comprising of scattered gorges, sandstone hillocks & small mountains, rivulets & waterfalls and dense forests.

The elevation varies from 290 m to 1352 m.

The forest is abundant with teak & sal and also houses mango trees and endemic ferns.

Declaration of core critical habitat changed the fortunes of Satpura. Scientific approach to habitat management, relocation of villages from core area led to better forest management in the Madhai, Churna and Pachmarhi parts of this landscape, thus offering optimal protection of flora and fauna.

It’s a place like no other—a forest whose beauty and wilderness is unparalleled …

This is Satpura —your forest home in Madhya Pradesh.

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