Speed Boat

The Denwa river encompasses  Satpura National Park. One of the best ways to experience these waterways is to avail a speedboat ride. This is a 1 hr ride wherein you are taken across the river into the inner openings of the forest. This is also a recommended activity wherein you can witness birds, crocodiles as well as wildlife.

Satpura – Tawa Dam Boat Ride

Satpura to Tawa Dam or vice versa is a 2 hr long speed boat ride which showcases little islands erupting amidst the river, tribal villages and takes you through the panaromic hills of Satpura & Churna.

Our recommendation is , post a morning jungle safari in Satpura, have your lunch & then take a speed boat ride for Tawa.

Arrive Tawa, enjoy an evening tea at the lawns of the MPT Tawa Resort and then board our vehicle to travel back to your resort in Madhai.

One gets ample opportunity to witness flora & fauna while sailing gently on the Denwa. Passing through lesser known tribal villages & hamlets showcases the topography well too.

An Experience worth at Satpura.