Located in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, Tawa is a reservoir on the Tawa dam.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism operates a beautiful resort by the name MPT Tawa resort.

The views are incredible and the backwaters offer many watersports activities like cruises, speed boats, etc.

The Tawa reservoir, which have more than 220 sq. Km. of area withing PA stretching over Tawa, Devwa, Sonbhadra,Malini,Koti etc. river create a big wetland and have developed into year round as well as seasonal habitats for the wintering and resident waterfowl, apart from Muggur and a small population of otter.

Catchment of Tawa Reservoir :

  • Denwa :-
  • Nagdwari
  • Sonbhadra
  • Malini
  • Koti
  • Bainganga

The formation offers prosperity in the command areas of Harda and Hoshangabad due to Irrigation from the reservoir.

We recommend Madhai – Tawa Speed Boat Ride on the Denwa river which offers real value for money & time. However, this is an expensive activity & a group of 6-8 pax is advisable to make it cost effective.

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