National Parks of Madhya Pradesh – Why not to miss Satpura National Park

Madhya Pradesh has 10 National Parks and 25 wildlife sanctuaries. The forests here are a home to diverse flora and fauna and is a refuge for exotic animals tigers, leopards, jackals, wild dogs, wild boar, gaur, grey langur, spotted deer, sambhar, nilgai and the sloth bear.

Here is where India’s national animal roams like he deserves to. Suitably placed at the apex of the Indian forest ecosystem, the tiger’s presence reflects a viable and healthy ecosystem of creatures in an intricate chain of interdependencies. The forests of Madhya Pradesh, thus, team with natural life and thriving ecosystems blessed with rich biodiversities.

Satpura National Park. Located in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh is well placed between an important tourist circuit of Madhya Pradesh, the Bhopal – Pachmarhi sector.

Guests can start their trip from Bhopal, visit Sanchi Stupas, Udaygiri caves as well as Bhimbhetka Rock Shelters and move on to Satpura National Park. Pachmarhi is located merely  kms from Satpura National Park.

The majestic Satpura Maikal ranges engulf the Park and the Denwa river encircles it.

Apart from the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers, Satpura National Park is famous for leopards and sloth bear sightings. Rusty Spotted cats, the smallest in the cat family and the Central Indian Giant Squirrel is also found here.

What makes Satpura National Park an not to be miised wildlife destination when you are travelling to Madhya Pradesh :

  • Blessed with a river, the Denwa, the months Oct – March witnesses abundant migratory birds. A paradise for birding.
  • To witness the flora and fauna of Satpura National Park, canoeing is recommended. The canoe can accommodate 2 persons and a guide. Noiselessly, one floats and can go very close to the birds nestling around, offering excellent photographic opportunity.
  • An 1 hr speed boat ride which can accommodate around 8 pax takes you deep inside and offers remarkable views.
  • An extraordinary experience is the 50 km | 2 hr speed boat ride from Tawa to Madhai passing small villages in the near vicinity of the forests.
  • Jungle safari in the morning and noon offers excellent opportunity to witness the flora and fauna of Satpura National Park.
  • Guests can opt for a day tour to Churna Forest Rest House, run by the Forest Department which takes you deep inside critical tiger habitat. This is a full day trip with lunch at Churna Forest Rest House.
  • Guests can also avail a night stay in Churna Forest Rest House. Churna Forest Rest House is located deep inside the forest and is absolute wilderness and serene. The Forest Rest House is electrically fenced & the landscape also has some ancient ruins of temples too.
  • A recommended activity is the forest walk. In the morning, you are assisted at the jetty to board the speedboat . The boat drops you at an isolated location of the park. A guide accompanies you to showcase the flora and fauna. Satpura National Park is perhaps the only National Park which still aloows the nature walk or jungle walk in the core area. This is an approx 5 hr activity & the total hike is of around 7 kms. The hike is in plains and normal fitness is required. Packed b’fast is provided and a beautiful location overseeing the waterbodies is chosen for rest and refreshment in between the hike.
  • A night safari, which starts from dusk and lasts for around 3 hrs is recommended to see the nocturnal creatures. Leopard and sloth bear sightings are reported. The safari takes place in the buffer zone. A search light assists guide to have a great view in complete darkness.

A hectic wilderness tour to Satpura National Park can be ended with a relaxed & revitalized trip to Pachmarhi.

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